Thursday, May 19, 2011

Watch for Falling Rock

So I named my blog site "Watch for Falling Rock" after a story my dad told my family everytime we came to the Great Smoky Mountains as children. I am not sure the origin of this story, but it appears it may have been popularized by the Boy Scouts. I have provided a link to the full story with this post. However, here is a quick summary.

Falling Rock Boy Scout Story

It's about a Native American named "Falling Rock." His dad sent him on a journey to unite the tribes. The son disappeared on his journey and his dad sent others in search of the brave. They were unsuccessful. We carried on the tradition of the father by placing "Watch for Falling Rock" signs all over this country in hopes of finding the son.

So, I am setting out on my own journey in hopes of finding this lost son of America as I journey out west.

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